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Boxboro Systems specializes in test and measurement products for applications where traditional methods are inadequate. Our RibEye™ electro-optical products are used in automotive crash test dummies to measure deformation of the entire ribcage in two and three dimensions at very high speed without compromising biofidelity. Our DTMS™ products measure three-dimensional deflection and twist in large structures.
RibEye Software Version 6.0 Has Been Released
Version 6.0 includes updated channel naming to support left and right side impacts, and other new features and improvements listed in the release notes.

Click here to go directly to the release notes, or go to the RibEye page to download the new installer and software manual.
New RibEye Features and Options
WorldSID 50th RibEye sensor alignment accuracy has been improved by adding alignment pins to the sensors and precision shoulder screws for mounting the sensor bases to the spine. The WorldSID 50th RibEye User's Manual has been updated with the new alignment features. Click here for the latest version of the manual.
An optional DC to DC converter is now available to allow RibEyes to be powered from 12 to 60 volts DC to support the higher power supply voltages used in new data acquisition systems.
New cable assemblies are available to connect RibEyes to data acquisition systems, including DTS distributors, Kistler NXT32 (in-dummy), Kistler DTI-Hub, and Kyowa DIS-61A junction units. To see the cable options for various data acquisition systems, click here.

Photo of the WorldSID 50th Male ATD with RibEye (top left) by Fred Levy
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